Board Games


Genre: Puzzle & Game Design Tool
About: The board game Creo and my research were used to graduate for my Bachelor of Art and Technology and Master of Arts at the University of the Arts Utrecht.
Team: Alone
Info: Creo is a puzzle board game for one player. I have focused on creating an entertaining and intuitive game where the player has the possibility to create their own game objects, levels and new rules. About the game: the player moves over the land tiles where various objects will help or hinder his objective. These objects are things like: boulders that can be pushed, ships that sail over the waters, fire totems that shoot fire and keys that unlock doors. About the custom content: to make the creation of custom content more accessible I focused on three different aspects:
(1) Accessories that guide the player, like blank game rule sheets.
(2) Ensuring that all game rules and objects can easily be added, removed or changed.
(3) Enabling the player to gain experience, while playing the game, so they acquire skills that can help with the creation of their own content.

Files: My research document  MA – Supportive Narrative (.pdf)


Genre: 2-Player strategy
Team size: 5
Tasks: Game design & the development of the physical game board
Info: In Overload two players compete to get their opponent ‘overloaded’. The players use connector pieces to connect the buildings on the board to their headquarters. When connected with buildings the player gains more energy to do more actions. If a HQ receives too much energy for a couple of turns, it gets overloaded and that players loses the match.

Files: Download the prototype (.exe)

Inter Galactica

Genre: 2-Player strategy
Team: Alone
Info: The goal of Inter Galactica is to occupy more planets than your opponent. Both players begin on opposite corners of the playing board. They can place new ships, stack them, spread them out or use them to attack the opponent. The game board consists of tiles which can be used to create new levels.