Level Editors

This page shows the levels I have created for various games, with the use of their level editors.

Unreal Tournament 2004

Software used: UnrealEd (Texture Editor, Triggers, used mods) – Photoshop – Maya
Maps released: Ranging from 2005 - 2012
Info: For UT2004 I have made many levels, most of them are for a ‘Trial’ game mode. This mode challenges the player to overcome tricky obstacles by elegant movement, accurate aim with different weapons, puzzle solving and teamwork. These trials have three different categories: (1) Team Trials – Players finish objectives together to further in the level; (2) Solo Trials – Only one objective and the players try to beat each other’s high scores; (3) Group Maps – Two or more players form a group. They work together to beat challenges that require synchronous movement and teamwork.

Counter Strike: Source & Half Life 2

Software used: Hammer Editor
Worked with: Nicky Pelupessy
Info Counter Strike Source: We chose to make a 5 versus 5 bomb defusing map with a museum theme. Our primary focus was on getting the map playable for competitive play.
Info Half Life 2: This was a large death match map where all the players start on the surface of the island. Below the island there is a secret facility which can activate an ion-cannon satellite that destroys all the players on the surface. Once the ion-cannon is activated every player has five seconds to enter the facility. Inside the players will have to fight each other for twenty seconds until the surface is safe again.

Warcraft 3

Software used: World Editor
Team: Alone
Info: Together with four others I created a small campaign. Each of us was responsible for one level; my level was the fourth in the campaign. We had to consider the storyline and balance the difficulty curve. In my level the player has to survive incoming waves of enemies until the player becomes powerful enough to find the back entrance and take out the enemy.